Dealing with sports injuries

Of course, when you practice a sport such as parkour, you have to be mentally prepared for the possibility of getting injured. Although there are techniques that enable you to get where you want to get injury-free, this is never guaranteed. You can have a look at the most common types of injuries in Parkour here.

When you get a sports injury, it’s important to address it immediately, so that it doesn’t get worse. Unfortunately, with parkour, injuries may be severe due to the risk of falling. It’s very easy to bruise an ankle for example, and when this happens, you are in for a long period of inactivity. This will set you back for weeks and sometimes even months, but we have to remember that the body is very capable of healing itself, and that physiotherapy can also help us get back to our previous fitness levels faster.

So what do you do during recovery? I suggest keeping a positive mindset, trusting in the healing process and visualizing yourself getting back to your sport again. It’s amazing what visualization can do if you do it correctly! And if you’re bored, you can also spend the time reading, catching up on your studies, and perhaps even indulge in playing a few games at uk casinos online! The time will come when you’ll be back in action!

1 Dec 2019