Trixing all the way

I started with inlines when I was just six years old. Soon I moved on to skateboarding which I spent eight dedicated years to. Skating will always be my sift spot. Today I am eigthteen and have been loving the bikes for the last four years. All my free time is spent on training, trixing, fixing, bying (and selling) new and old parts. I have three bikes, one for each mood, but they are always under construction.



I feel blessed to be able to pursue my passion and have a neat group of friends who all share my interest. My dream is to make it big in the world of bike parkour.

This blog is for me to share my passion with all of you. Please leave your mark in the comments!

Bike Safety Gear

29 Jul 2021

It is essential to put on the proper safety gear before getting on a mountain bike. Helmets are vital as they protect the head during a crash. Kneepads are also essential. Often the proper clothing will depend on the weather. For example, in summer, it should be light but still provide protection.

How to Train Yourself to Become a Better Cycler

5 Feb 2020

If you want to get better at anything, you have to practice. In sports, this is especially true. If you have been cycling for a while but still want to better your skills, you'd better start practicing daily. You'll see the improvement right away.

Dealing with sports injuries

1 Dec 2019

Of course, when you practice a sport such as parkour, you have to be mentally prepared for the possibility of getting injured. Although there are techniques that enable you to get where you want to get injury-free, this is never guaranteed. You can have a look at the most common types of injuries in Parkour here.

When you get a sports injury, it’s important to address it immediately, so that it doesn’t get worse. Unfortunately, with parkour, injuries may be severe due to the risk of falling. It’s very easy to bruise an ankle for example, and when this happens, you are in for a long period of inactivity. This will set you back for weeks and sometimes even months, but we have to remember that the body is very capable of healing itself, and that physiotherapy can also help us get back to our previous fitness levels faster.

So what do you do during recovery? I suggest keeping a positive mindset, trusting in the healing process and visualizing yourself getting back to your sport again. It’s amazing what visualization can do if you do it correctly! And if you’re bored, you can also spend the time reading, catching up on your studies, and perhaps even indulge in playing a few games at uk casinos online! The time will come when you’ll be back in action!

How to ride a bike

1 Nov 2019

Walk with me through the journey of biking on Fixie Pixie. Learn everything you need about bikes and my experiences on different bike trails locally and around the world. Maybe you also need information about freeriding, choosing the best bikes, training and skills, fixing them, and buying and selling bicycle parts.